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First-class  Living Condition

The  foreign students' dormitory is constructed    according to the Standard of  three-star hotel. Each room is with a pirate    washing room and a balcony. In  the room there are a TV set, a fridge, a    telephone, a water heater, internet  service, bookshelves, desks, soft    simmons beds and etc. Public laundry is in  the basement and public kitchens    are located in each floor. The foreign  students' dormitory living fee is    much cheaper than those in Beijing and  Shanghai.


Students Dinning  Rooms

In the  main campus, there are two big students dinning    rooms. Each one is with two  floors. Together, at the dinner time, these    dinning rooms can provide food  and space for about 20,000 students at the    same time.

students     dinning room No.1
Outside of the  students dinning room No.1


Inside of the  students dinning room No.1

students     dinning room No.2

Outside of the  students dinning room No.2


Inside of the  students dinning room No.2

  We also  provide food for Muslin students. So we have Muslin restaurant in    the  students dinning rooms.
  The Muslin restaurants supplies noodles, rice,  beef and muttons.
  The Muslin restaurant is separated from other seats and  tables to show this    is pure Muslin canteen.

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